Rainbow Iridescent binder clips stand out on any desk or workspace. We're offering both standard and hollow binder clips. They're great for keeping your files organized and for any planner, craft or journaling projects you have on your to-do list. They can also be a nice accent to any gift. They are stylin' desk supplies every desk needs.

Iridescent Binder Clips

  • Color: Rainbow Iridescent (the color will vary)

    Products Included:

    Medium Binder Clips - 15 qty. 

    Medium Hollow Binder Clips - 2 qty. 

    Large Hollow Binder Clips - 2 qty.





    Dimensions (width): 

    Binder Clips, 25mm (1in)

    Medium Hollow, 32mm (1 1/4 in)

    Large Hollow, 50mm (1 7/8 in)