Gold Glam! Add some stylish flair to your desk with our gold desk essentials. It's a great way to show off your Girl Boss style. The desk kit comes with a stapler and a tape dispenser. The stapler is easy to use and has a non-slip base. The tape dispenser is great for holding any standard roll of tape or washi tape. 


Gold Desk Kit

SKU: DK001
  • Color: Gold

    Products Included:

    Stapler, Staples, Tape Dispenser



    Clear Acrylic Body w/Gold Plated Metal 


    Dimensions (width x length x height): 

    Stapler: 1 1/4 in  x 5 in x 2 1/2 in

    Tape Dispenser: 1 3/8 in x 4 3/4 in x 2 1/2 in



    Non-slip base on both Stapler and Tape Dispenser



    1 pack of rose gold staples included


    Note: Tape not included with the purchase of the kit.