Looking for a way to organize and create more space on your desk? The acrylic desk organizer can help organize the desk supplies you like to keep close. You can also keep the desk organizer tucked away in your desk drawer. Either way, it's a great way to keep some of your office supplies nicely stored away in a stylish way. 


Desk Organizer

  • Color: Gold and Rose Gold 

    Products Included:

    (5) Tear Drop Paper Clips, 49mm (1.875in) - available only in Rose Gold, Purple or Blue/Green colors

    (5) Tear Drop Paper Clips, 32mm (1.25in) - available only in Rose Gold, Black, Purple or Blue/Green colors

    (5) Rose Gold Binder Clips, 19mm (.75in)

    *Be sure to send me a note with the color you want.



    Clear Acrylic Body w/Gold Plated Metal or Rose Gold Plated Metal


    Dimensions (width x length x height): 

    Organizer: 3 1/2 in  x 10 in x 1 5/8 in

    Binder Clips: 32mm (1.25in), 49mm (1.875in)


    Note: Paper clips, binder clips and sticy notes are not included. Items in the photo were used for styling purposes only.