The Story of


This has been a journey of transformation for me. It's the reason I named my shop Papillon, which means butterfly in French and Roses because as fragile as roses can appear, they are versatile and can thrive in different climatic conditions. 

In 2008, like many small businesses, my business was affected by the recession and felt it was a sign to find new purpose in my life. You realize how instantly things can change but then it's these kind of situations that open your eyes up to the beauty and hope that still surrounds us. My family, friends and my dog Samantha, have been a wonderful support system. After some years working as a designer and my love for patterns, type, colors, flowers, fueled my desire to have a business of my own again. 

Papillon Roses products are desk accessories and stationery to help the designer, maker, crafter organize their ideas and projects in a creative way. I hope you enjoy the journey with our quality products that help you organize time to be creative and inspired.